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Volunteering during COVID-19

Over 40% of our volunteers are over 70 and some of our volunteers will inevitably become ill or have to look after family members.

We are now full-up and not accepting any more applications – thank you the supportĀ has been amazing.
We have received lots of offers of help and we would like to collect information regarding people who are available to help us out during the crisis if our volunteer pool dwindles. We are especially looking for people who fall into the low-risk category and who would be happy to drive food to clients who are self-isolating, pick up food from supermarkets and/or work in the foodbank to pack away food leaving our core volunteers free to help people.
We may not need to call on you but it would be really good to have people readily available should we need to.

YOU MUST INCLUDE your name, phone number, email, whether you can drive and whereabouts you are based.

Please don’t be offended if we don’t get in contact with you immediately.

Thank you so much for all your support during these unprecedented times.

Volunteer Enquiry Form

a form to capture details from potential volunteers

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